I’m Running a 5K!

So, it’s summer.

English: Steel wool Nederlands: Staalwol

Yeah, this is what the clouds looked like this morning. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Summer in Georgia is a special thing.  It’s essentially a five month slog through insane humidity and temperatures that drop below the 90s on a cool day.  Typically there will also be flash storms, signaled by massive, looming, steel wool clouds that come suddenly and end fifteen minutes later with a clear sky and the sun shining down, turning all that moisture on the ground back into humidity almost instantly.

Rachael likes to indulge in simple denial to deal with this climatological disaster, but I, being a native Georgian who didn’t realize just how awful the weather was until I was in college, simply endure it and stick to the tried and true method of ducking in shady places with lots of air conditioner when I don’t have anywhere to be.

Except for about an hour four times a week when Rachael and I go running.

Sometimes, running is a truly miserable experience.  You’re constantly sweating, your muscles ache, and you just can’t help feeling like you’re going to fall over if you take another step.  But you keep going, because running means you get to the end faster than walking, and you find that that next step doesn’t kill you, nor does the one after it.

Those are the moments when you remember that running can also be a really pleasant experience.

I have to confess that I fell out of running practice during the last school year.  It’s hard doing morning runs when you have to be ready to walk out the door at 7 a.m., and psyching yourself up to do an afternoon run when you’ve just gotten home from a day of managing a bunch of difficult energetic students is not easy.  But it’s summer now, and that means I have to get back out there and pound the pavement.

To help motivate us, Rachael and I signed up for the Jammin’ Jog*, a local 5K that we ran last year along with my dad, who did an awesome job with his first 5K ever.

I love you, Dad!

The race this year is on June 22, and Rachael and I are really looking forward to it.  We don’t expect to break our records from last year, but we think it’s going to be great fun.  This race is still fairly new, but we loved it last year because the organizers set up to have musicians play along the route, so you could get some live music while you ran around some beautiful greenspace.  If you live in the Athens area and you want to do a 5K, you should sign up!

*Update: Rachael kindly pointed out to me that I forgot to mention the name of the 5K that we’re running in.


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