Some Stuff That’s Nifty 7/2/13

Where do I begin?

1. Fred Clark over at Slacktivist explains his plan for how the Justice League should be reorganized.  Also, why does the t-shirt not have Wonder Woman?

2. Richard Beck at Experimental Theology justifies all the time that we spend reading instead of doing something else.

The mockumentary This Is Spın̈al Tap parodies ...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3. Annalee Newitz writes up a treatise on how we should reconsider the definition of the word “singularity.”  Instead of thinking about it as some point in the future that will mark a sudden, undeniable societal shift, perhaps it would be better used as a way to explain a paradigm shift that’s already happened, but which we didn’t notice except in retrospect.

4. Like the rest of the internet, I love xkcd.  Randall just really nails it sometimes.

5. Neil Gaiman will be returning to DC to write a new Sandman miniseries next year.  You may squee with joy now.

6. There’s an indie game in open beta right now that appears to have as its goal the establishment of as diverse a player base as possible.  SpyParty is built on the idea that you play a mole at a party who’s trying to blend in with all of the other AI party guests while another human player who is watching the party from a sniper’s perch tries to figure out who the human mole is.  It sounds like a blast, and the developers sound like they have a gaming philosophy that I can get behind.

7. I haven’t written about supervillains (yet) on the blog, but I think they’re a bunch of fun.  This is a countdown of 10 evil geniuses who probably don’t deserve the moniker.

8. My friend Houston says that his spirit animal is the cassowary.  I can feel it staring into my soul.

9. Final Fantasy VI is one of my favorite games from my childhood.  It also has an amazingly good soundtrack.  Now, joy of joys, a group of remix artists on the internet have released a five disc compilation of remixed music from the game.  For free.  I’ve listened to about half of it already, and I am not disappoint.

10. I have a post about another female superhero that I think is pretty cool in the can for sometime early next week, but this article about why Captain Marvel needs to be promoted and added to the Marvel Cinematic Universe makes me all kinds of happy.  She’s an excellent character, and she could totally stand on her own.

11.  And because I like to go one step beyond, a woman building a prosthetic leg out of LEGO.


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