Some Stuff That’s Nifty 7/16/13

Y’all ready for this?


1. What the starter Pokemon are really doing while you try to pick one out.

2. You have to pay attention to what the answer’s asking for, Jeopardy contestants.  Such a shame, except for that one guy who got it right.  Still, with such a softball question, I wonder why none of them bet all their winnings.

3. Someone finally picked up on my idea that minifigs make for good tabletop miniatures.  It’s not a LEGO product, and there’s hardly any information yet, but it’s exciting nonetheless.


1. This version of Wonder Woman seems to be, objectively, the best version of Wonder Woman.

Batman (album)

This is not the Batman album you’re looking for. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2. I’ve never heard the Prince soundtrack to the original Batman movie.  This plot synopsis of what that movie might be like makes me curious.

3. Maybe the Batman Prince movie could include some of these props that Batman kept over the years of his adventures.  I can totally see hoarding as part of Batman’s psychosis, by the way.  After all, he has an entire cave to fill up.

4. If you liked the Wonder Woman spot above, Cartoon Network has uploaded to Youtube a bunch of their animated shorts that run between shows on their DC Nation cartoon block.  I’ve not had a chance to look at all of these myself yet, but they look like a lot of fun.  Update (7/17/13): I’ve watched through most of the shorts, and they are generally very fun animation with some good comedy bits thrown in.  I didn’t watch all the Aardman shorts, but they seem to be primarily dialogue driven based on what kids say about superheroes.  Enjoy at your leisure.

5. Here’s a review of a new book that explores from a psychological perspective the appeal of superheroes.  It sounds like the book that’s being reviewed isn’t that great, but the article makes mention of another recent book about superheroes and religion that contains a comparison of the superhero myth to people’s desire for control in their lives through the lens of Alcoholics Anonymous.  I think I’m more interested in that book.


1. An excellent meditation on the ultimate foundation of Christian faith.

Weird Science

1. A dancing spider robot, for all my arachnophobic friends.

2. An article about how we might have difficulty communicating with space aliens because of differences in how our various senses operate.  I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords and hope that they will treat my bacteria very well.

3. Sorry, arachnophobes.  Here’s another creepy crawly thing that also happens to be the tail of a snake.  So, bonus creeps?


1. An article highlighting all the ways that a lot of evolutionary psychologists are jerks and just kind of wrong about their approach to human nature.


1. Jon Negroni has constructed a General Theory of Pixar over at his blog.  It seems kind of crazy for my tastes, but I have to admit that the attention to finding minute connections is impressive.

2. There’s rumor that an X-Force movie is in the planning stages, and it’s going to feature the team that was led by Cable during the ’90s.  As I mentioned before, I hate Cable’s X-Force team, mostly because it was an abominable mutilation of the New Mutants (probably my favorite single series in the X-Men canon).

3. I made a pretty big deal about how much I liked Man of Steel, but as with any movie, there are always going to be things you can pick at through more in depth analysis.  This video points out some of the bigger plot holes that I didn’t catch on my own viewing (of course, these are mostly plot holes because if they’d been solved the way the video suggests, the movie would have been about an hour shorter.  It’s a fair point.  I still like the movie.


1. I became a fan of Johnny Cash just shortly after his death back in 2003.  His music’s fantastic.  Here’s a crowd sourced art project depicting sketches of Cash from stills of the video for his final studio recording, “There Ain’t No Grave.”  It’s haunting.

And that’s everything from my little corner of the internet.


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