Roughing It

I am very much a creature of comfort.  I like my media, and enjoy being able to talk about it.  I also enjoy being able to sit in a climate controlled environment while I’m reading/playing/watching whatever.  Really, with the exception of running, I’m quite the couch potato.

That’s why when I go on vacation, I go in style.

Rachael and I really enjoy camping.  It’s exhilarating to purposely put yourself in a position where you have to do a lot more work to accomplish everyday chores like cooking and washing dishes.  It’s also nice to disconnect from the internet on occasion.  Despite that, we do like to bring some nice amenities along.  This past week, when we went to Kentucky, we decided to make our trip a little more comfortable by renting a cottage instead of a campsite.  So no tent, no communal bathrooms, no campfire.  Just about the only luxuries we did give up on for the duration were air conditioning and internet access.

Since we both run blogs that are still in their infancy, this was a major sacrifice.

Not having a campfire was difficult too, because camping food is the best part of any camping trip.  So Rachael and I had to improvise.  While we may have been living relatively comfortably, when it was time to make our meals, we were really roughing it.  Here were the tools we brought with us:

A soup pot
A couple of cheap plastic plates
Two forks and two spoons
An electric kettle

Our challenge was to figure out meals that we could eat in our cottage with only these resources.

The result was phenomenal.

The kettle was the key, because it allowed us to perform the ever so important task of boiling water.  We were denied the joys of roasting, but we took solace by preparing some really fancy instant noodles.

Our camping pantry.

Our camping pantry.

It was a very grueling process, prepping our food under such restrictive conditions.  Somehow, we managed.


The unboxing!

First we had to put the noodles and sauce (both contained in little plastic pouches) in the boiling water.


This was the most nerve wracking part.

Then there was waiting for a few minutes while everything heated up.  We were nervous that the hot water might melt the plastic, but that turned out to be a baseless worry.


Adding the sauce and the noodles, now hot, into the container for final mixing.

The end result was not, objectively, the best thing I’ve ever eaten, but it was a lot of fun.


The obligatory picture of me while on vacation.

And that was how Rachael and I roughed it during our vacation.  I know that we suffered so much.

Of course, then we got home from our trip and lightning struck our house, burning out our modem and our air conditioner, leaving us without the two amenities that we were most looking forward to getting back after our vacation was over.

I liked roughing it better when I was doing it on purpose.

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