Some Stuff That’s Nifty 7/21/13

In my regular link roundups, I usually pull from things that I’ve saved in my newsfeed.  This works alright, except that it doesn’t catch stuff that other people share on Facebook or what I spot through my WordPress reader.  So, here’s an extra edition of Some Stuff That’s Nifty to help rectify that!


1. Excellent thoughts from Defeating the Dragons about the problem that the “playing hard to get” narrative creates for everyone.

2. Relating to the court decision in Iowa that I wrote about in the last SSTN, here’s the take on the whole situation from Bodycrimes.


1. Via John Scalzi, who I mentioned in a SSTN a couple weeks ago for establishing his anti-harrassment convention attendance policy, here’s a post by Chris Kluwe talking about his new book.  I’ve seen Kluwe’s name before wandering around the internet, but I’ve never read his work before; I just knew that he was a writer and a professional football player.  I’m impressed by his writing here, and I like the ideas he’s getting at.  Also, his book has a photo of him riding on a carousel horse on the cover.


1. I got reblogged over at MMA, Wrestling, Comic and Gaming News!  Go check it out for some other nifty stories about nerd-related topics.


1. Morgan Guyton at Mercy Not Sacrifice posted a great meditation on how the disciples in the early Church came to the realization that being a Christian didn’t require adherence to Jewish law.  It’s a good read, and has some very encouraging implications for issues that we’re dealing with in the Church today.


1. From my friend Becky, via Facebook, this video.  It celebrates the release of The Wolverine with a musical history of the character.  They really did their research, which makes me all kinds of happy.



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