I Love a Rainy Night

This summer has been a real blast (in multiple senses).

I’ve seen a lot of great (and some awful) movies, revisited some old games, and written a lot of new material both for my book and for this blog.  I’ve also gotten to go on a road trip and run a 5K.  It’s felt like a vacation that hasn’t been wasted.

In the midst of all of that stuff, I’ve also been studying the Book of Judges with some friends in a small group all summer.  I have to say, Judges is a hard book to read.  It alternates between horrific and hilarious with very little to help distinguish between the two moods.  Maybe sometime soon I’ll write up my final thoughts on it.

I was thinking about all this last week after we had finished up with our meeting for the night and my friends and I were talking about all the old TV shows we used to watch as kids, which was highly nostalgic and reminded me vaguely of those chain emails that were really popular a few years back.  You know the ones I’m talking about, with all the one sentence references and grainy images of cartoon characters that somehow seemed to have been composed with just the right tone that they instantly triggered waves of nostalgia for stuff that when you go back and revisit it, really wasn’t that good.  Eventually the conversation turned to one of our friends who’s moving back home for the time being now that she’s finished college, and we decided to take her out for an impromptu celebration because we all think she’s amazing and we’re going to miss her.

There’s a local cafe in Athens that Rachael and I like to go to with some of our other friends because of the great atmosphere, so we convinced everyone that we should meet back up over there and wish our friend a proper farewell.

Now, besides this being such a great summer for working on my personal projects, it’s also been wonderful because it’s been so incredibly wet.  Georgia exists in a perpetual drought state, but for the past two months we’ve gotten rain almost daily, and it has been fantastic.  Though all the extra moisture brings the humidity up, it’s also kept the temperature down.  There have only been a couple days in just the last few weeks where I’ve gone outside and felt like I was actually living through a typical Georgia summer.  All of this is to say that when we left the house that night, there was a spectacular lightning storm playing on the horizon.

Lightning is so much more fun to watch from a distance.

I could wax poetic about the experience of seeing the lights flashing behind the great blooming black clouds, but I’m not a very good poet.  Besides, I think Eddie Rabbitt did it better, and he set it to music.

With the summer drawing to a close, I don’t know if I’ll be able to maintain the regular updates to this blog that I’ve been managing so far.  I’m going to try to keep it up as much as I can, but there will naturally be other responsibilities related to my work and my family.

Thanks to everyone who’s been a regular reader so far, and here’s to many more entries in what Rachael called when I first started two months ago, my “mommy blog.”

I’ll explain that one later.  Here, enjoy some music:

Sometimes simple language is the best.


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