Victory Lap!

So, after last week’s extremely glum post about my feelings of inadequacy as a writer, I had a really good weekend to completely upend all that and leave me feeling like things are going pretty well.

First off, I wrote a drabble.  It was a simple piece done in a fit of creative anxiety at the encouragement of Rachael, and it turned out alright.  I was happy with it, and I posted it here on the blog on Sunday morning as well as over at the Drabblecast forums.  Then I more or less went on about my day, until I was fiddling on the internet and I got a message from Norm Sherman.

I do not know Norm Sherman, so Rachael and I briefly considered what the message might be about, and we came to the same conclusion: he wanted to run my drabble on his podcast.  Then I opened the message to find it was true.

So now, I can say that I’m a published author, and that doesn’t just include stuff that I put up on my blog.

If you’d like to listen to my story done in delightful audio, then go check out Drabblecast Episode 296 – Five Ways To Fall In Love On Planet Porcelain.  My story opens for Cat Rambo‘s, whom Rachael assures me is a really big deal in the fiction community (sorry, Cat, I’ve never actually read any of your work, but I promise I will very, very soon!).

On the nonfiction side of things, my most recent post about the Justice League study that I participated in over the summer exploded my view count after I linked it on Rachel Held Evans’s Sunday Superlatives, and she liked it so much that she retweeted it.  As someone who has a grand Twitter following of three (including my wife), this resulted in a little bit more of a bump than I was hoping for from dropping a link over at RHE’s blog.  It was a pleasant boost in my confidence, and I sincerely hope that everyone who stopped by to read about Deborah enjoyed my thoughts, no matter how simple they might be.

The fact that these two separate events happened pretty much within an hour of each other on Sunday night was great, and to celebrate, I’m going to try to renovate my blog a little bit with some static directory pages for my various series.  I’ve tried to be consistent with my tagging, but the whole blogging thing is still relatively new to me (just over three months I’ve been at this now!) and I’m feeling it might be easier for new readers to see my old stuff if I have something that’s not going to drop to the bottom of my home page as it gets older.  That’ll be something to look out for, though I’m not going to set any specific schedule for when those new pages will go live, since I’m a horrible procrastinator who’s just trying to keep up with his daily posting schedule right now.

Anyway, thanks to my regular readers, however few of you there may be, and big thanks to Norm and Rachel for enjoying my work enough to share it with other folks.


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