I’m Writing a Novel!

So, by the time this post goes live, we’ll be a little over a week away from November 1.  That’s a big deal in my household, because Rachael and I have been participating in National Novel Writing Month for the past three years (and we’ve both managed to ‘win’ by writing over 50000 words within the 30 day time limit).  We were both very proud of our novels from last year and spent a large part of this year revising them (mine’s taken a backseat to other projects, like my blog and the fact that I do have a grown-up person job that I have to go to), but now that it’s nearly November, we’re going to set those works aside (for a little bit) so we can write brand new books this year.

I’ve been wavering on the fence about how to proceed with this year’s book because I haven’t done a lot of planning for it yet (by comparison, I had a plot outline and basic character sketches started a couple months before November last year).  I don’t feel confident that it’ll be as interesting as last year’s novel was, which means that I’m doubtful it’ll be one that’s worth trying to polish for possible publication (I honestly don’t know if last year’s novel is publishable either, but it’s my favorite piece of long fiction that I’ve ever done).  The conundrum I’m facing then is one of how to go about writing the book.  I’m sure that when November 1 rolls around, with my meager plot outline (it involves a young woman who goes traveling on her own for the first time in a fantasy version of 8th century Wales and somehow gets caught up in the machinations of an ancient British king who’s trying to return to power) I’ll jump in and get the words down one way or another (I typically set a goal of 2000 words a day for myself, which sets a trajectory of hitting 50k about a week early), even if it’s like pulling teeth.

I’m a very grumpy person when I’m in the middle of a large writing project, mostly because I tend to become obsessively jealous of all my free time (I need it for writing!).

Anyway, the long, roundabout point I’ve been trying to get to is this: I really like keeping up with my blog, but I don’t know how I’m going to do this and write a book.  I’ve toyed with the idea of blogging this year’s book, since I’m doubtful it will be a strong enough story to publish (although there’s always that nagging feeling in the back that says, “You haven’t written it yet!  Don’t go throwing away your first publication rights by putting it on your blog!  It might be genius!”) though that only solves part of the problem since I do have several ongoing series (I’m sure my few, proud, regular readers will be thrilled when I finish my self-indulgent romp through Final Fantasy VII and actually spend some time writing about games and aspects of gaming culture that aren’t nearly two decades old) that I don’t want to let fall by the wayside.  The alternative, I suppose, is to just take a blogging hiatus during November, which does sound appealing from the perspective of not killing myself with a daily 2500 word minimum.  But, y’know, blogging’s just a lot of fun.

Anyhow, this is all really just me whining and navel-gazing about the fact that I’ve assigned myself a ton of work that I enjoy doing.  If anyone has any opinions on NaNoWriMo, be they about writing in general or my book in particular (seriously, I’m open to suggestions at this point) or anything in between, feel free to let me know in the comments.


3 thoughts on “I’m Writing a Novel!

  1. Sounds like a very hectic schedule…but if those creative juices can flow while blogging all the better…I need diversity and escapes from the creative grind…but then each to ones own!

    8th century Welsh lass! Not cyberpunk then!

    • Nah, I’ve been doing more or less straight fantasy for the past three years with my NaNo. Maybe someday I’ll do some cyberpunk, but fantasy’s my preferred genre for noveling (I’ve already done a lot of fantasy world-building previously, and considering my lack of pre-planning this year, I’m hoping to rely on that information to help me keep moving).

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