Barbies Everywhere!

So my friend Rob has a rather large collection of Barbie dolls that he inherited from a family member, and he needs to get rid of them.  Somehow, they ended up in my and Rachael’s care temporarily, so I did what I expect anyone would do in a situation where they find themselves in possession of a couple of large boxes’ worth of collectible dolls.

I stacked them.


It’s like a Christmas tree, if the tree were made out of the presents!

The reason for this was simple: it is a truth universally acknowledged that a man in possession of a collection of Barbies must be in want of an opportunity to play with them.  I mean, I never grew up with Barbies this nice, so I just had to do something with them right?


I think the medieval court princess Barbies were my favorite. They look so elegant, unlike modern, pretty, pink princesses (we’ll give the English one a pass, though she’s nowhere near as stylish as the French and Irish princesses).

Anyway, Rob’s selling his collection on eBay, so if you happen to be in the market for fine plastic collectibles, make sure you look for them (by the time this post goes up they may already be gone, so act yesterday!).  As for us, we are now, sadly, Barbie-less, but we still have our fond memories to keep us company, and in our imaginations the eternal tea party continues.  Rachael, in order to better deal with her grief at our loss, even wrote a commemorative drabble.


Good night, sweet princesses… and ice skaters… and witches… and angels…

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