Homeless Help Card

Bonus post!

At the risk of sounding like a shill, which I suppose that’s what I am at the moment, I wanted to give a shout out to a project that I’ve had the pleasure of observing from its inception.Homeless Help Card

Andrew Wilkin’s been building his own charity to help serve the poor in Athens, GA since 2012.  He had the idea to create a fund built around selling discount cards for local businesses, much like those fundraising coupon books that schools frequently sell.  The difference here is Andrew wanted to take the profits from the sales of his cards (and they are very good discount cards, for anyone who happens to live in the Athens area) and funnel it into local charities that serve the homeless population of Athens.

Andrew now wants to expand his program into the metro-Atlanta area, and he’s in the middle of a pretty modest fundraiser to get the money needed to do wraparound printing on a car for advertising in Atlanta.  Andrew’s vision has always been to build a charity that takes advantage of our consumer impulses and turn that energy towards helping people that are too often made invisible by our society.

Please take a minute to check out his IndieGogo page, and donate if you want, or just let other folks know about what he’s doing.

And now I’ll return you to my regular cultural criticism.


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