That Post Where I Pretend My Readers Care About The Internal Workings of My Blog

Alright, I think I’ve made it as a blogger now, because I’m having a crisis of what to write about (hurray!…?).

Because I know that all you folks are just dying to know about my writing process (I am the most fascinating), here’s a breakdown of what my queued material looks like:

  • Movie post
  • Movie post
  • Video game nostalgia post
  • Movie post
  • Video game nostalgia post

Now, my blog’s tagline is “thoughts on stories, spirituality, and superheroes.”  I have the stories part covered with all the movie stuff, and superheroes pop up often enough (although I am currently out of comics to read, which likely contributes to the dearth of commentary on the subject), but where’s all the spirituality posts?  I think back to how I managed my posting schedule around this time last year, and I was aiming to have about two posts a week that dealt with topics related to my faith.  Now, I’ve just run a very lovely rant that I conceived about the importance of acknowledging evolution as a Christian (which, for me, has been a huge success with three different people writing comments about the post in the various social media where I lurk), and I’m looking at my post queue and thinking, “I need to write about something besides movies and video games.”

Naturally, the thought that follows that one goes like this: “But I don’t have anything to say about other stuff.”  This leads to perennial writing confidence spiral that results in me curling up in a ball and napping the last days of my summer vacation away instead of Thinking Important Thoughts.

Clearly, being frustrated about a blog that I do for fun means that my life is the absolute worst.

I suppose this frustration comes from some kind of tiny dream that my blog could become something significant someday (that’s a nice fantasy, but it’s not my main purpose for writing), and that desire to make this into a space where Important Things are discussed drives me to want to write about more than media consumption.  Except, you know, thoughts about my faith generally come in fits and bursts when I’m wrestling with new ideas, and this has been a season with very little new input.  Do you ever have those moments where you’re reading everything you usually read, but somehow all the spark’s just missing?  I see so many posts in my newsfeed discussing aspects of faith that I’ve read about before, and more often than not I find myself thinking, “that doesn’t look like it’s worth reading,” and I move on.  I think I’ve not written about faith so much of late because I’ve lacked stimulus about it.

Yeah, if I really think about it, there are things that I could comment on, but I’ve had to learn over the past year that there’s a fine line between criticizing movements that I think are harmful, and making people who are part of those movements feel attacked.  This is a frustrating thing, because I love to write commentary about what I read (that’s kind of the whole schtick of the blog, y’know?), but sometimes I find myself thinking about how opinions will be perceived by the people I know and wondering if I should really write what I’m thinking.  This usually comes up in relation to all the big hot button issues that pop up and leave everybody feeling generally angry at anyone who disagrees with them.  I think about that stuff too, and pretty regularly I get tempted to write about that stuff (sometimes I even do write about it), but there’s always the hesitation that comes from knowing I’d be sticking out an opinion that people I personally know wouldn’t like.

In case you were wondering, there’s not much of a point to all this rambling.  Sometimes a blogger feels frustrated, and they have to vent their frustrations.  Fortunately, being a blogger grants them to perfect platform for venting those frustrations.


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