2 thoughts on “But I Still Like It

  1. I don’t know about the Gotye song; I always read it as intentional. That is, the male voice is SUPPOSED to come off whiny and entitled by the end of it; it starts out like a normal Y U NO LOVE!?!? song, but then the female voice comes in and spins it around on him, pointing out that he ASKED for them to split and PROMISED he wouldn’t act like exactly this kind of asshole, and it makes him look ridiculous for getting so het up about it, y’know?

    • Perhaps it is intentional. I like to think that’s the case myself, because the female speaker gives pretty strong evidence that there’s something off about this guy. Nonetheless, I think it’s subtle enough that people might overlook the subtext, which can be problematic in an entirely different way (kind of like that Arcade Fire song “Intervention” which is about a corrupt theocracy, but some people misread it as a song about how the world’s doomed without a church running everything).

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