So I Got a Story Published

It’s a cool feeling.

Back in August, Rachael encouraged me to write and submit something for a fiction contest that The Drabblecast was hosting.  We were supposed to write something around the concept of the “cat with blue fur,” a character that the donor who enabled Drabblecast to run the contest in the first place created.  The rules were set pretty broadly, and while our story had to feature a cat with blue fur, it was left up to the authors to decide just how significant a role it would play in our stories.  I got an idea for doing a horror piece based on killer memes, and after pounding out the draft in a day or two, I posted it for voting.

A month later, at the end of September, I found that I’d won the horror category, and Drabblecast was going to buy my story for production in an upcoming episode.Cover for Drabblecast episode 345, Cat With Blue Fur Trifecta, by Bo Kaier

That was pretty sweet.

Anyhow, that episode finally released over the weekend, and it’s glorious.  It feels good hearing words I wrote being read by someone else on a podcast (thanks, Nathan!).  You should go listen to it, especially since one of the other stories featured is a piece that Rachael wrote for the same contest.

It’s kind of weird and kind of nice to have something published by someone else.  I should try to do that more often.

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