All The Really Funny Lines Are Really Bawdy, So Pretend There’s a Hilarious Joke From Saga Here

There are some things you have to be comfortable with in order to enjoy reading Saga.

They put a breastfeeding mother on the cover of the first issue. This series has things to say about sex and violence. (Image credit: Wikipedia)

First, you have to be okay with surprise nudity of any and all types, because you’re liable to turn a page and get a splash panel of someone having sex or just walking around in the buff without any advance warning (and if that weren’t enough, any time you find yourself reading a scene involving Prince Robot IV, be prepared for really weird sexual stuff to flash across his face as an expression of his post traumatic stress disorder; seriously, you’ll just be reading about him interrogating someone in his manic quest to finish tracking down the protagonists so he can get back to his wife and unborn child, and suddenly there’s an image of a guy performing fellatio on his screen).

Second, you have to be okay with sudden bursts of absurdly horrific violence, because where you get bizarre sexual imagery on every third page, there’s terrible violence on every fourth page.  Characters have limbs chopped off, faces slashed in half, and entire bodies imploded with absurd regularity.

Third, if you can get over these first two hurdles, you will love this series immensely, because it’s shoving all this stuff in your face as part of its larger pattern exploring the interplay between horrible things that we do to one another which we don’t find horrific and wonderful things that we do to one another which we do.

Besides all that, every character on every side of this conflict (except for that Secret Intelligence guy, who’s a total douchebag) is remarkably complex and leaves you in the awkward position of rooting for a bunch of people who will inevitably end up hurting one another horribly because they have diametrically opposed goals, and the rest of the universe is just too insane to let a bunch of people who’ve had enough of the horrible things live quiet lives enjoying the wonderful things.

So put Saga on your reading list, because it’s brilliant and way more fun to read than the fictional romance novel that drives the protagonists ideology (whom everyone in-universe says is really boring until you get what it’s about).


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