On Ending Good Stories

So, Rachael’s story “Makeisha In Time” was released on PodCastle yesterday.  It’s a great story, and it is always deserving of more attention, even though everyone’s been talking about it for months already.

So go read/listen to it.

Coincidentally, this episode also marks the announcement that Dave Thompson and Anna Schwind will be stepping down as editors of PodCastle.  That’s a pretty big deal, since they’ve been doing that job for over five years, and there are hundreds of episodes of PodCastle that were produced under their guidance.

Seeing as I’ve been mostly dependent on Rachael to keep me up to speed on what’s going on with various podcasts (we’re both fans of the Escape Artists family of podcasts, which includes Escape Pod and Pseudo Pod), I have a lot of catching up to do with Dave and Anna’s backlog.  It kind of sucks to just be getting around to listening to some great stories when two great editors are wrapping up their run, but those are the breaks sometimes.

Even so, I’m looking forward to seeing what Dave and Anna have done.

Whelp, that’s about it for today.  I’m still mulling over Saga, because it’s a dense enough text that it definitely deserves more words, but that’ll be for another time.  If you’re a fan of Dave and Anna’s, then there’s much more about the announcement directly from Dave over at his new blog.  Go check it out.


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