Revisiting Chrono Cross (Part 10)

Following his escape from the dimensional vortex, Lynx finds himself back in Serge’s Home World.  A whole lot of stuff is about to open up to us to explore, and we’re about to learn more about the climate in El Nido in the world where Serge didn’t die.

In many ways, it’s not in great shape.

Much like in the Another World, Lynx has a pretty scary reputation, and most of the people that we encounter through this sequence express serious distrust of him.  Conversations with NPCs in Arni Village and Termina let us know that Lynx has been around for several years in this timeline (his appearance in Another World is relatively recent), and he used his influence with General Viper to undermine the defense of El Nido from the invading nation of Porre.  Also, Viper and the Acacia Dragoons all mysteriously disappeared several years ago, and Lynx has been missing for some time as well.

Given that we’re stuck in Lynx’s body for the foreseeable future, this provides a nice setup where the Home World, which we’ve been trying to return to for some time, feels much more alien than Another World, and the persistent antagonists up until Fort Dragonia, the Dragoons, suddenly become sympathetic (the Porrean army has instated martial law in El Nido, and outside of Arni Village everything has a much more somber, subdued feeling to it).  Perhaps even more confusing, because Lynx was acting as a double agent, the Porrean soldiers treat us with immense respect, so that the people who we would assume are our antagonists throughout this section of the game are actually quite helpful.

There’s a fair bit of wandering around after we get dumped into Home World, but eventually the disorientation passes and it becomes clear that Lynx’s next objective (after getting a boat) is going to visit the demi-human town of Marbule.  We’ll get into that entire diversion next time.

Recruited Party Members


Just remember: Radius doesn’t need that cane to get around. (Image credit: Chronopedia)

Radius – Arni Village’s elder, and the retired Acacia Dragoon whom we stopped to help in Another World when Harle burned down his house, comes along for the adventure after we deal with a case of mistaken identity (if it looks like a Lynx and walks like a Lynx…) that leads to a boss fight with the old man.  There isn’t much else to be said about him except that he’s one of only two characters that fights with a cane (the other is Sprigg), and that makes him pretty cool.

Zappa – We’ve encountered this blacksmith with the questionable (and inexplicable) Scottish accent in Termina in Another World, but his Home World variant has decided that with the Porre army moved in and the Dragoons all gone, he’s done with his smithy business.  The fact that Lynx is the person who apparently enable the Porre invasion doesn’t seem to concern him.  More important than the fact that he joins the party is the key item that he gives us, which lets us craft new weapons anytime we’re at a save point or on the world map.  Also, because he only has one good eye, his dialogue portrait is oddly asymmetrical, with the scarred eye inexplicably switching sides on his face depending on which side of the dialogue box his picture is placed.

Van – Van’s biggest defining feature is that he fights with a boomerang and so can attack multiple enemies at once (this is an odd JRPG convention that I’ve never fully understood, but we’ll go with it).  Besides that he’s just generally kind of sad, as in Home World he’s the son of a starving artist who just wants to be able to earn enough money for he and his father to live a comfortable life, and in Another World he’s the spoiled son of a rich merchant who’s bored with life.  At least Home World Van has enough pluck to go have an adventure with the scary cat man.

Norris – Because the only faction that is full of unmitigated jerks in this game are the dwarves, Norris is the obligatory Porrean officer who’s quite decent and wants to help Lynx out because he seems like he needs it.  Besides that I have nothing else to note about Norris.  He’s that boring.


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