So Fox is Making a New Mutants Movie

Fox is making a New Mutants movie.

Fox is making a New Mutants movie.

Fox is making a New Mutants movie.

This cover’s almost a perfect team lineup (except it doesn’t have Dani). (Image credit: Comic Vine)

I’m not sure what else there is to say about this news right now other than I really hope they don’t screw it up.  I’m not entirely sure how they could screw it up (perhaps by making a stealth X-Force movie, though given the concept Fox is apparently going to explore, that strikes me as unlikely), but for all of Fox’s recent success with the last few X-Men movies, I’m still weary about their vision for this movie.  I mean, the New Mutants are kind of a big deal in the X-Men franchise, since they’re the most enduring spin-off team that Marvel ever created in relation to the primary X-Men team (they also originated a perennial tradition of introducing a new team of teenage mutants every decade who eventually graduate to being full-fledged X-men, assuming they acquire a significant enough fanbase).

Though this is just announced and the whole thing is probably several years away from actually being completed, I’m already wondering about things like what the character lineup will be, and what story Fox will adapt.  The quintessential New Mutants includes a roster of nine characters, which seems like a bit much for a single movie (it’s kind of amazing that Chris Claremont balanced such a large regular cast in a monthly book without making anyone ever feel like they were underwritten), and at the same time I can’t help wondering who could possibly be cut.  I feel like Danielle Moonstar and Sam Guthrie are must haves, since they’re the obvious team leaders (and also a couple of my favorite New Mutants characters), and then there’s Illyana Rasputin, who is one of the best tragic characters that ever emerged from the X-Men franchise.  Of course, if I go down the roster, I can see a good reason to include everyone, which isn’t very helpful for figuring out who to build a story around.

As for story, well there’s plenty to choose from.  My personal hope is that if they include Dani (and seriously, why the heck wouldn’t they?) they go for the “Demon Bear Saga” (it’s a landmark story for the series both visually and in terms of character, and I would love a big screen story that’s centered on a woman which doesn’t involve any sexual angst or trauma).  Of course, that’s a story that didn’t happen until after the series had been going for over a year, meaning readers were pretty well acquainted with the characters, so maybe there would be a bit too much groundwork to lay to make the story really resonate (of course, I’m not a screenwriter, so maybe it’s possible).

Nonetheless, this is one of those superhero movies that’s been on my wishlist for a while now, and I’m honestly both really excited and worried about how it will turn out.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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      • I recently watched the Daredevil series and would love to be able to pick up my Electra Assassin Graphic Novel again… and then read stray toasters! Both are on the other side of the planet in my mum’s loft!

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