My Big Weekly News: Smartphone and IKEA

Two things have happened since I officially started summer break on Tuesday.

The first thing is something that Rachael and I have been meaning to do for months, but had been putting off until we were both on break and had time to do all the research that we like to do when we’re facing a major purchasing decision.

We got smartphones.

This is a big step, taken with much trepidation, seeing as we’ve been dedicated flip phone users for pretty much our entire adult lives, but we decided that we finally reached the tipping point.  Rachael has a lot of responsibilities that she has to juggle, and convenient internet access goes a long way in helping her manage that; I just got tired of my old phone (it’s so old the plastic casing has begun to crack) and wanted to upgrade to a plan that would let me actually participate in texting, the preferred method of communication for my circle of friends.

We’re pretty happy with our choice, and the last twenty-four hours have been spent learning how to operate these fancy new devices that will inevitably become the chains by which we hang ourselves from the gallows of contemporary society.

In other news, we went to IKEA today, and it was a delightful day trip filled with meatballs and the realization that Rachael’s laptop stand Dave has been discontinued in favor of a new, non-swivelly version known a Svartesen.  Dave was overdue for replacement, as some of the parts in the neck swivel had gotten stripped, but we are saddened to see it leaving the house.  Svartesen looks to be a good replacement, but it’s no Dave.

We will miss you, Dave the laptop stand.

In other news, I’m furiously trying to finish playing through another old RPG at the moment, and I’m hoping to have it done so I can do a write up on the experience next week.  I figured this game would be a little thin for an extended blog series, and now that I’m over 50 hours in with most of my playtime from the last few days devoted to the very slow grind that is working through the final dungeon, I think it was a good decision.


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