The Future is Bright (Vacation Mini-Blog)

I’m sitting in the living room of my friend in California, enjoying a lull in the morning action that comes from trying to manage the lives of three children, and I’m feeling very at peace.  It’s always a strange feeling to wake up in a new place, particularly a place in a different time zone.  The clock on my computer says that it’s nearly lunch time back in Georgia, but here things are just getting moving.  It feels a little like a parallax effect, being aware of two different life rhythms overlaid.

The trip out to the coast was a generally pleasant one; after my last long distance trip, which was to Germany, flying across the country felt remarkably easy.  I can conceive of a five hour flight being difficult, but when your most recent frame of reference for a long flight is an eight hour transatlantic, it just doesn’t have the same kind of wear on the mind.

Besides the simple fact of not having to sit on a plane for the length of a solid sleep, I think the biggest improvement for this journey was actually being able to stay connected with people all the way up to take off thanks to my new phone.  I can imagine that this is rather trite, well-trod territory for people who have had smartphones for years, but since this is my first, the experience of actually having access to the internet while going through the various steps involved in traversing an airport made the whole thing eminently manageable.  It’s really fun being able to give people updates as you go through the process, even as you realize at the same time that sending out tweets about boarding and landing is incredibly banal.  I’m not under any illusions that I have a lot of super deep thoughts, but I’ve always had that snide attitude towards the thought of using Twitter to tell people what you ate on your sandwich the other day.  Actually getting to participate in that activity gives some perspective.  It’s nice to feel connected.



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