Moving Forward (Vacation Mini-Blog 2)

We’re flying out tonight to head back to Georgia, and I’m working through the mixture of emotions that come with the end of any really good vacation.  Our hosts have been incredibly welcoming, and we’ve enjoyed every moment of the past three days, which is the marker of time well-spent.

Now it’s the last day, and even though we’re not leaving until late tonight, I can’t help feeling just a little sad to leave our friends.  It’s not every day you get to fly across the country just to see people you care about (this is my first time on the West Coast), and I honestly don’t know when we’ll have the next opportunity to do something like this.

At the same time all of this is going on, I’ve also just received news that my great aunt Jean has passed away.  I’ve not been in touch with Jean for years, and I knew that she was dealing with cancer, so the impact of the news is definitely muted.  It’s rather bizarre to process the news of someone’s passing while you’re simultaneously helping a six-year-old who doesn’t have any connection to your family read his Spider-Man popup book.

And that’s the weird thing about today.  In a very brief time, Rachael and I have become pretty attached to this family that we know we probably won’t see in person again for at least a few years, but we also have to get back to our lives at home.  Things carry on even when you’re not around to see them.

So we’ll go back to Georgia and we’ll catch up on all the goings-on of the last few days; I’ll talk with my family and see how they’re doing (I have to talk with Mom especially); I’ll catch up with my work friends as we have our mid-summer get together; I’ll get back to writing and thinking about all the things that I think are worth writing and thinking about.  And while all that’s happening, things are going to continue here in California with our friends, and the memories of being allowed to participate in their lives, if only for a few days, will have to be enough until the next time we get to meet.


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