Go Read This Thing (6/18/15)

It’s the eve before Rachael and my trip to California to visit some friends (in all likelihood this is getting posted after we get back, but thus are the realities of my summer blogging schedule), and things have been somewhat busy as we’ve been doing last minute prep and packing.  Given that, here’s something interesting to read in place of my own words.

Rachael pointed that to me this week as the winner of the Nebula in the novelette category.  It’s eminently readable, and works as an excellent bit of fantasy horror.  Yes, it can be classified as a vampire romance story; no, that does not mean it’s anything like Twilight.  What I like about the story is how it really drives home a version of vampires that are totally monstrous in relation to humans, but which do such a terrific job of disguising their perspective so that it looks like something completely different from a human perspective.  This story will punch you in the feels, and it will do it in all the right ways.

So yeah, that’s it for today.  Read someone else; it’s freely available and it’s good.


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