Things From E3 2015 I Am Excited About

  1. BioWare is working on a new Mass Effect.  It’s supposed to be set long after Shepard’s story in a different galaxy, which is always a great way to explain why the details from the previous games aren’t exactly consistent.  I’m halfway hoping that it’s set in the same era as Mass Effect 3‘s epilogue when Shepard’s story has turned into a legend about The Shepard.  I’m still curious about how details like whether Shepard chooses to destroy or synthesize with the artificial races will be handled, since it’s kind of a big deal if Geth are present in this new game.
  2. TellTale Games is producing a miniseries centered around Michonne from The Walking Dead.  I’m thrilled with this news, since the video game series is the only incarnation of the franchise that I unambiguously love, and Michonne’s a great character to tackle.
  3. Square Enix has announced they’re remaking Final Fantasy VII for the PS4.  Whether that actually materializes in the next couple years will determine if this is something to continue to be excited about.  I’ll be curious to see what a reincarnation of that game under Tetsuya Nomura looks like, especially since his involvement in the original game was merely as the character designer.  The fact that Nomura’s style has evolved significantly in twenty years and that he’ll be overseeing a lot more than just the look of the game leaves me a little skeptical, though we’ll see.  The one thing I really hope this doesn’t do is launch a trend with Square Enix trying to coast on their glory days by just redoing old titles with current design sensibilities instead of working on developing new stories and IPs.
  4. There’s a new Mirror’s Edge in development, and it will feature no gunplay for the protagonist.  This is wonderful news, because the gun mechanics for the first game were more or less irrelevant to what made it such a gem.
  5. Generally speaking, many of the announcements for big upcoming projects indicate a trend towards prominently featuring more female protagonists, which is a good thing.  Can we next talk about pushing for more representation for people of color and genderqueer people in big money games?

That’s all for today.  After recovering from our trip, I’ve been busy lazing around and alternating between reading about E3 news and tearing through Y: The Last Man (thanks, Dave!).  What are you all excited about from E3 this year?


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