Chicken Pot Pie

Last Friday we decided to make chicken pot pie.

It was delicious.

Chicken pot pie we made for dinner last night.

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First slice all running out on the plate. It was good.

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The weird part of the recipe was boiling the chicken and the vegetables then draining them before adding to the pie.  Rachael pointed out that boiling for too long would cook out all the flavor, so we only went for ten minutes where the recipe suggested fifteen.  Making a roux for the pie was a nice touch, and I suppose that was intended to substitute for the flavor lost in the boiling.  One last modification to note is we tried using a bit of red onion we had leftover instead of a typical sweet yellow one.  I don’t think it impacted the flavor negatively, but the red onion was sturdier and took a little longer to soften in the butter when we made the roux.

Anyone who’d like to try this recipe on their own can find it here.


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