French Onion Soup

A couple weeks ago Rachael had a craving for French onion soup, so we made some.


We use the recipe from Cook’s Illustrated (we have their cookbook, and they keep the recipe behind a paywall on their website, but here’s a link to a pretty good approximation of the actual recipe), which is a very good one, but it’s absolutely a weekend only affair.  You’re looking at nearly three hours with the onions in the oven first, and then another hour and a half or so before you actually have a soup to eat (it is pretty cool to see onions go from four pounds sliced to what amounts to a thick brown crust on the bottom of your Dutch oven); what I’m saying is that you don’t just decide one night in the middle of the week that you want French onion soup on a lark.

Our modifications to the recipe are minimal, but typically we eschew the chicken broth for extra beef broth, and toasting the crouton is extremely low priority (I like my bread chewy more than crunchy).  The end result is a great bit of comfort food, just so long as you’re willing to work for it (though maybe that means it’s not really comfort food?).


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