Five Hundredth Post!

Generally I try not to worry too much about celebrating milestones for my blog, so don’t expect anything super cool in the next week to commemorate the occasion, but I figured it’s probably worth noting here at least.

I’ve been blogging steadily for over two years now, and it’s been one of the most satisfying personal projects I’ve ever set out to do.  I sometimes get tired of having to think of new topics (writing about a thousand words every couple days on demand is not an easy thing), but I’ve found that even when I break from working for short periods of time, I inevitably get caught up in something or another that leads back to the thought, “I need to write something about this.”  As a very introverted person, I don’t think I can say precisely how important it is for me to have this outlet where I can express myself in a way that’s infinitely lower stress than most social situations.  We all want to be able to give voice to the things that matter to us, and this blog’s been my favorite way of doing that.

I’ve spent some time thinking lately about the focus of my blog, and reflecting on the shift in content away from spiritual topics towards a broader cultural criticism through the lens of popular forms of fiction.  Occasionally there’s some angst over the fact that I don’t discuss Christianity very much anymore, but I’ve generally come to accept that there’s discussion and there’s meta-discussion, and I’m much more interested in applying the principles of justice and mercy that I’ve derived from my faith towards things in the world that I care about rather than discussing the principles themselves (I’m also tired of centering my thoughts on the evangelical subculture that I walked away from as I became more progressive; there was a time for critiquing evangelicalism in my life, and I like to think that I’m generally past it now).  Besides that, I also like posting about food that I’m cooking (that started as an easy way to keep up my blogging schedule on days when I don’t feel like doing heavy thinking, but it’s also fun; a friend of mine said to me the other day that she likes that my blog content has evolved from cultural criticism to cultural criticism and food).

As for actual things related to maintaining the blog, I’ve done a little bit of housekeeping on my archive pages (which are super incomplete; I’m still in process of figuring out how I want to categorize topics there), so feel free to check them out and look through some of my old work.

Here’s to five hundred more posts over the next few years!


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