Snow drifts settle in leaded panes, firelight glinting on glass.  Around the table, warmed by well wishes, family gathers.  Mother and father sit opposite, smiles radiating.  They take in their son and daughter, home from school, and his mother, huddled under a lace shawl.  The fire’s crackle soothes them all, its heat glistening their foreheads like the Christmas ham.

Plates pass with potatoes and gravy, green beans and rolls.  Each spoonful is a welcome, an “I love you.”  The picture of winter bliss perfected.

How I’d like to partake this year, every year.  I’ll settle for tapping at leaded panes.


I wrote this drabble for Loren Eaton’s annual flash fiction event Advent Ghosts.  I’m not particularly happy with the result, but after more than a few false starts (one hundred words is hard!) I’m relieved to have something.  After all, fiction writing is hard, and being able to put words down, even not great words, is an accomplishment.

On a side note, I’m taking a break from posting for the duration of the holidays.  I’ve maintained a steady schedule without any breaks for over a year, and I’m reaching that point where I just need to take some time to recharge.  Regular posts should resume around New Year’s after I’ve had time to rebuild my backlog.  I’m really looking forward to writing up my thoughts on the new Star Wars movie (I saw it on opening night and only got four hours of sleep before having to go work the next day, and I have no regrets), but that’ll have to wait until later.  Of course, if any of my friends just want to talk about it, then I’m always up for that.

Anyway, here’s to happy holidays for all, and a restful end to 2015.  See you all in the new year.

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