Falafel Sandwiches

The weirdest part about making falafel is that it’s supposed to have the consistency of a dough before you fry it, which means that in addition to the stuff you expect to put in, like chick peas, onions, and herbs, you also add a bit of flour.  It makes sense from a chemistry perspective, but it’s still pretty odd, kind of like how weird it is that in order to make sausage balls at Christmas time (does anyone else’s family do that?) you need to work flour into your mixture of sausage and cheese.

Besides that, there’s also the fact that we do not have a full sized food processor (the recipe that I worked from in composing my falafel assumes that you do).  What this meant practically for my attempt at the recipe was that I had to constantly empty the contents of our mini-processor into a bowl and then return a little bit along with new ingredients for mixing in the processor before adding it back to the bowl for final incorporation.  Basically, mixing was a lot more complicated than simply throwing everything in and pulsing until it was integrated.

As usual, I omitted cilantro from the recipe (thankfully, the notes mention that cilantro’s not an essential part of the flavor, especially if you don’t mind varying from traditional Israeli falafel), and in the case of the crushed red pepper, I cut it down from one and a half teaspoons to just one (the patties still had a pleasant burn to them, but they weren’t uncomfortably hot).

Still, the final result ended up being pretty good, I think:

Home made falafel!

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Now, the thing about falafel is that it’s a vegetarian protein, which means that it really shouldn’t stand on its own as a meal.  In this instance, I decided that the way to dress the dish up was to stuff it in a pita along with some cucumber and red cabbage for a crunchy texture and to top it all with a bit of tahini (Rachael noted that the tahini probably needs to be cut with something in the future, since it’s essentially a nut butter with a really viscous texture that leaves your mouth feeling a little dry).  Though I’m a total amateur at plating, I think the sandwich ended up looking quite pretty:


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