Roasted Red Pepper & Onion Galette

For her birthday, Rachael got a new cookbook on cuisine from Jerusalem.  We already enjoy cooking with a lot of vegetables that are popular in that region of the world, so it seemed like a natural fit.  I’m really looking forward to trying out some of the recipes in the book in the next few weeks.

The one that we picked to do over our recent long weekend (we both got President’s Day off) is a savory pastry that’s pretty easy to execute but which looks great when finished.

That is fancy, right?

The original recipe calls for an egg in place of the feta cheese that you can see in the picture, but we decided that we like cheese better, so that’s what we went with.  Theoretically you’re supposed to put an egg on top of the gallette in the last seven minutes of its bake time, and this is supposed to be just right to get the egg to set perfectly on top with only a slightly runny yolk.  I’ve not verified this myself, but Rachael and I can attest to the deliciosity of the dish with feta.

One funny thing we discovered after we made the recipe is that we had way too much vegetable filling.  The recipe is scaled to make four galettes, and it calls for four red peppers and three onions to roast for the topping.  Unfortunately, I overlooked the fact the recipe specified four medium peppers and three small onions, so we ended up with about double what we needed for our first run of the dish.  We decided that we’d just freeze the extra filling and save it for another attempt later (I am a puff pastry novice, and I learned that when you buy puff pastry pre-made from the store, you get two sheets in a box, and the recipe only requires one).

So, a couple nights later when we were feeling hungry but not ambitious, we thawed everything out and had a second round.  Observe:

The veggies were a little bit soggy after being thawed out, so they didn’t crisp quite as well, but the end result was still delicious.

If you’re interested in trying this recipe, here’s a link to the ingredients list.  Basic directions go like this:

  1. Combine peppers, onions, olive oil, and thyme and ground herbs in a roasting pan and bake in the oven at 400 F for 35 minutes.
  2. Roll out puff pastry to a twelve inch square and cut into four six inch pieces.  Prick top of pastry with a fork.
  3. Brush the pastry with an egg and then spread sour cream on top, leaving a quarter inch of space all around the edges (this gives the pastry space to puff up in the oven).
  4. Top pastry with veggies, making a shallow well for your protein topping of choice.  Bake in oven at 425 F for 14 minutes.
  5. Pull the galettes out and top them with either cheese or the egg, then return them to the oven for 7 more minutes, still at 425 F.
  6. Remove from oven and top with fresh chopped parsley.

One thing to note is that the size of the galettes will probably preclude you from fitting them all on a single baking sheet, so be prepared to rotate racks in the oven.


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