Nicolas Cage Match: Pay the Ghost

Because Twitter is such an ephemeral thing, and I don’t have a wealth of followers (shameless plug: follow me on Twitter), I’m archiving my livetweet of the objectively terrible 2015 Nic Cage movie Pay the Ghost on my blog for posterity.

For anyone who hasn’t seen the movie or wants some context for my ramblings, this film’s the story of a guy who loses his son at a Halloween festival in New York, and then a year later pesters the cops about it while gradually uncovering the dark secret that every year the ghost of a woman who was burned as a witch abducts three children and traps them in the netherworld on the following Halloween.

It is not a good movie.

No joke, the character I referenced in that last tweet died while I was writing the tweet.

Same for that character too.

He was introduced back in the homeless den from way earlier in the movie.


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