Blueberry Crumble Bars

It’s like a homemade pop tart!

Rachael made blueberry crumble thing. It is delicious.

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We’re kind of smitten with this recipe as of late.  It makes a dessert that’s somewhat reminiscent of a straight up blueberry crumble that we like to make sometimes (that one involves copious amounts of butter being cut into the oat topping), but the end result is remarkably sturdy once chilled, and has less of a “I’m stuffing my face with fats and sugars conveyed by grains!” vibe.

The crumble layers here are pretty crumbly (even if you’re eating this chilled, you’ll want a plate handy to account for all the bits that fall off).  Still, I do think it’s kind of like a pop tart, if the pop tart crust had a texture other than stale pastry.

Modifications that Rachael makes to the recipe are pretty simple: you halve the sugar, and you add an extra cup of berries.  I think the sugar content comes out to be about the same, but the blueberry flavor is much more dominant than the sweetness this way.

As a side note, regular readers will notice I’m back to my school year posting schedule.  I’ve started my new job (by the time this post goes live I’ll have been there for about three weeks), and I’m really enjoying it.  My new school’s much bigger than the one I came from, and it often feels like I have a lot more responsibilities than I used to, but the environment’s very welcoming.  My position has me straddling a few different education teams, and I’ve found all the people I’m now working with to be very warm and helpful (and, above all, patient with the newbie).  I’m still getting to know the students, but generally I’m enjoying working with them too.  The biggest challenge I’ve encountered so far is recalibrating my standards for disrespectful behavior; I’m apparently not scandalized by some things students say (like asking me if I’m from Georgia because I don’t always speak with a Southern accent) when I should be.

I think it’s going to be a good year.


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