Shipwrecked! Log 2: Warly Has Good Taste

I have not yet died again in Don’t Starve since my last game using Willow.  This feels like an accomplishment.  It also feels kind of like a betrayal since Willow’s the character I always use (yes, I am aware this is weird).  At least, that’s how I felt when I first started a new game and Rachael urged me to pick someone, anyone, besides Willow.

I picked Warly.

Now, Warly’s deal is that he’s something of a gourmand; he loves food, and he loves to eat a wide variety of food.  His special items are a portable crockpot and a refrigerated backpack (food spoils more slowly while stored in it).  He’s also much sturdier than Willow (I think he has about fifty more points of health and sanity, and his hunger meter caps at two hundred fifty), which is honestly a nice change of pace.  I’d grown so used to playing with a frail character that it feels overpowered to have someone with stats that are about as balanced as Wilson’s.

The drawback with Warly is that he loves food, and he wants to eat lots of it.  Unfortunately, if he eats a dish too often, he gets bored with it over time and it loses effectiveness.  There’s a timer that resets about once every two days when Warly is ready to eat the same thing over again.  What this generally means is that unlike with other characters where you’re likely to establish a staple high quality food item that you hoard ingredients for, like meatballs, you generally want to gather as large a variety of food as possible for Warly.  Making him eat the same thing over and over causes it to restore less hunger and health, which simply isn’t efficient survival.

The general pattern that I’ve noticed with this character is that because of his higher than average hunger capacity, he’s probably meant to be played on a feast and famine cycle: from full hunger Warly can go about two game days without eating before he nears starvation, which is probably meant to be time spent gathering ingredients to make unique dishes.  When he’s ready to eat you just line up a bunch of different food and have him gorge until he’s full, then you start the cycle over.  I suspect Warly may also have an increased chance to collect food items from the environment; it might be coincidence but I’ve felt like he gets eggs, bananas, and extra coconuts from chopping down trees much more often than Willow did in the same time frame.

So, the unfortunate thing about playing as Warly up to this point in time is that nothing has gone disastrously wrong, which makes a survival log not quite as fun to read.  I weathered the first major storm of the stormy season with him (I made so much ice from hail!), and I have a decent little area of the map explored.  I even found the ring thing, which is always fun because it makes me feel like I’m making progress.  Who knows if I’ll survive long enough to find the other parts, or if I’ll even want to go through the Maxwell door, but it’s still an accomplishment.

Of course, just as soon as things take a turn for the catastrophic, we’ll be looking at survival log number 3.  You know, the fiery season isn’t that far off, and I’ve never played through it before…

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