Shipwrecked! Log 3: To Bee Or (Argh, I Can’t Even Finish This Pun)

I’ve survived over forty days playing Warly now, and things are going remarkably smoothly.

I have a fully stocked fridge (so much so that I have food actually rotting because I can’t go through it fast enough), I’ve built a bird cage (I fed it a bunch of monster meat, and now I will have eggs for days), and I successfully survived the stormy season.  It’s remarkable how much easier it is to survive when you aren’t a pyromaniac.

The biggest challenge that Warly continues to face is his sensitive palette, which makes all night meatball binges an unfeasible solution when he gets hungry (I have to contrast this with Rachael’s experiences playing Walani, a character who gets hungry really fast but honestly doesn’t give a flip about what she eats ever).  The bright side to this is that because he pretty much has to eat stuff made out of a crock pot to remain happy (and his crock pot is portable), away trips are pretty easy to plan for; you just fill up his chef’s pouch with raw ingredients and hit the road with his pot in tow.

So while enduring the long stormy season, I had the realization that what Warly really needs to round out his ever expanding locavore operation is a regular source of honey.  It just so happens that not too far from my base island is a little desert island that’s home to a single bee hive.

Please don’t hurt me.

There’s also a lonely pig hut located on the northern tip of the same island.  Always eager to find new food sources, I swung by the hut once and killed the pig (nearly dying in the process, because I am terrible at this game in case you forgot), but then a storm cropped up and I had to hightail it back home to keep from risking the hut getting blown over.  I’ve not yet found any other pigs in my world, so there’s a definite last-man-on-earth vibe going on with this little outpost.

Over the course of a couple days (which also happened to have full moons), I caught some normal bees (and one killer bee, which in my panic I actually released unharmed; in case you were wondering, killer bees do not suddenly become friendly after a catch-and-release), but I had to retreat back to base before I could destroy the hive and claim the sweet, sweet honeycomb that I needed to make a bee box.

So, deciding that discretion is the better part of valor, I regrouped, healed up, and set out to conquer the beehive.

It just so happens that I set out on the last day of the stormy season.  Since I never played Reign of Giants, I forgot that the last day of a season is a special occasion, because it means that a boss is afoot.  On the way back to Bee Island, I was nearly run over by the Tigershark.  I would have gotten a screenshot, but seeing as I was mostly just panicking, it didn’t occur to me until after it had passed by, oblivious to my continued struggles in a harsh, indifferent world.

After that, I got to the island and did manage to destroy the hive, collect the honeycomb, and scoot on back to my one-man civilization.  I was in pretty bad shape, so I decided to take some time to make food; my bees were safely stored, and I needed to get some wood to make the boards necessary to build the bee box.

What I forgot was that bees need to eat, and when I went to get them, they were on the verge of starving to death.  I managed to feed them before they expired, thankfully, but then they disappeared when I tried to pull them out of storage.  Apparently the game had glitched, and I was suddenly beeless.

Fortunately, I do know what to do in situations like this, and I immediately shut the game down to skip the autosave.  As luck would have it, my last save had been on Bee Island immediately after collecting the loot, so I scooted on back to base and redid the previous twelve hours or so of activity, but with making the bee box my top priority.  I now have a shiny new bee box waiting to be placed at some point in the near future (my base is crowded with monkeys on one side and spiders on the other, so bee placement will take some thought).

Of course, the rainy season is started now, and that means I have to deal with standing pools of water and mosquitoes, so fun times.

Everything’s coming up Warly!


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