In Portland

I’m on vacation visiting friends, so expect no blog posts until next week (I imagine at least some of my recovery time when I get home will be spent frantically writing).

In the mean time, Portland is a lovely city.  We spent our first day here just walking around town, and I was impressed by how easy it was to go places without the need of a vehicle.  The weather is also agreeable, and it provides a ready reason to wear a nice hat.

Find below a few pictures from a walk that we took Sunday morning in a park that’s located along one of tributaries that feeds into the Willamette River.  The place is covered with vibrant green moss that my phone camera can’t really fully convey.

Moss covered branches hanging down over the creek.

The remains of a tree that had fallen over and splintered. The wood’s soaked all the way through, so it had a really warm red color in contrast to all the green and brown.

Some graffiti inside a room in an old stone building that’s located up the trail. It looks especially haunting when you walk by because only the white face really stands out from the shadows.

This is a picture of a brook that runs down the side of the valley into the creek. I wanted to get a clearer picture, but the zoom on my phone just isn’t good enough. There are a bunch of these brooks all along the valley.


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