By Week

I was ill with a cold and had a family gathering to go to this weekend (happy birthday, Dad!), so I am out of time and energy for writing up anything worth reading this week.

On the bright side, I have accrued over seven hundred thirty unique posts on this blog now, which means that if you wanted to, you could read something different that I’ve written every day for two years before you would need to repeat.  I think this is a more interesting milestone than anniversaries (though my fourth one of blog writing is coming up in June) because time passes regardless of investment; it took work for me to put that volume of stuff out on the internet.

So anyway, I’m declaring my prerogative to break when I want to.  Work is in the stressful season with high stakes testing beginning (today, actually), and there are other things in my personal life that I’m trying to navigate which I’m not quite ready to discuss on the blog (in case anyone’s wondering, it’s all good stuff, so please don’t worry about my well being or anything like that).  Here’s hoping that will change once summer gets under way.


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