Road Trip Day 1

Loading the crate was good.  We had rainy weather all day, but we were relieved that it was dry and overcast while we were actually loading.  We still got soaking wet after getting caught out in a mid-day shower.  I wish we’d gotten a picture of the inside of the crate after it was packed, because it looked really impressive.  I’ll have to make a mental note to photograph the crate when we get to Portland in a few weeks.

Of course it would be rainy on the day we moved out.

For our final night in Athens, we did a tour of some of our favorite downtown spots.  We started with the rooftop bar above the Georgia Theatre (the menu and drink list are unimpressive, but the view of downtown is undeniably good), then, after a sprint through a sudden rain shower, we had dinner at Transmetropolitan, a pizza place where you can get “Sicilian” pizza slices, which come on top of inch-thick semi-crunchy dough, and then we finished at Trappeze and Highwire, a pub with pretty good food, an excellent rotating beer list (there were so many sour beers on tap that our waitress brought us a free sample of one that she particularly enjoyed), and perhaps our favorite dessert menu in Athens.  Rachael had red velvet cake, and I had the salted caramel cheesecake.  There was a live lounge singer in Highwire who sang crooner songs all evening.

The view from our outdoor table in front of Transmet. The rainstorm had just passed and the sun was starting to shine through on the sides of the buildings across the street.

We discovered that Mama’s Boy has a basket of homemade fortunes by the door that you can take on your way out. “Everything educates, and some things educate more than others.”

Last morning in Athens started early because we had to do last minute cleaning and loading up the car.  After we got our walk through with our landlord done, Rachael and I went to Mama’s Boy for breakfast.  Mama’s Boy is a really popular Athens restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch.  They have a small parking lot and outdoor seating just for people waiting to get inside the tiny brick building (pro-tip: the wait isn’t that long, but finding parking is difficult; however, the restaurant is located on the edge of a city park, and if you just drive around and park on the other side, you can take a short, scenic walk to get back to Mama’s Boy).  The food is decadent, slightly fancy versions of breakfast standards like bacon and eggs and french toast; everything is served with a giant fluffy biscuit that you’re supposed to eat with the raspberry jam they provide on the tables in squirt bottles.  We’ve not been able to eat there very often because the trouble to get in has always been too much hassle in the past, but for our last meal in town, we wanted to do something special.

The last stop before we said goodbye to Athens was Memorial Park where we visited the local wildlife zoo and saw the turtle pond (the turtles aren’t part of the zoo).  It was around mid-day at this point, so we were feeling hot and tired after a day-and-a-half of moving, so we cut it short to hit the road.

A turtle conga line in Memorial Park.

Our first stop on the road trip is with my aunts, who are hosting us through July 4th.  They made us spaghetti with meat sauce, and my parents came over for dinner as well.  We talked a lot about all the exercise we’ve all been getting lately (mostly by accident), and now it seems that I am destined to acquire a fitbit at some point in the future so we can have more family togetherness.

Believe it or not, the best picture I could get of Charlie (left) and Buddy (right) was this one where neither of them was looking at the camera.


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