Completing the Oregon Trail

We did it!

Rachael and I have successfully crossed the country without succumbing to dysentery or losing any wagon wheels while fording a river, and now we are safely nestled in Oregon.  Along the way we saw a bunch of friends and had a lot of small adventures; much of what we experienced we shared with our friends and family via social media.  There were some… awkward moments (although our trip was supposed to end with three nights camping in a couple of state parks, Rachael and I realized we were just too tired to go any longer without the comforts of modern living, so we adjusted our travel plans and spent a couple of restful days at a motel in downtown Eugene), but overall it was a wonderful experience driving across the country.

Part of my blogging about the trip has been an effort to create a little archive of what it was like while we were on the road.  Besides a couple of minor moments of unpleasantness, it really was an incredibly fun thing to do.  When I don’t mention any negative moments in these posts, it’s because they really were that rare and inconsequential to the overall feeling of the road trip.  What’s been easy to forget as we’ve been going along is that our road trip hasn’t just been a vacation; we’re in the middle of moving, and there’s a lot of work to be done once we get settled in Portland.  We still don’t get to move into our apartment until the end of the month, which is a bummer.  Rachael and I both have to do new employee orientation some time before we report to work towards the end of August.  We have to actually get our things out of storage and replace the essential furniture we couldn’t bring with us on the move.  It’s going to be a pretty full last month of summer break.

Still, this has been a truly remarkable experience; I’m happy that for such a major move Rachael and I were able to do it in this fashion.  We have a plan for one last post to help give a little more perspective on the trip as a whole, but that will likely have to wait a few more days.

It’s good to be here, Portland; I hope you’ll be kind to us.


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