Inktober 2019 Day 3

I think I espy a break in the constant stream of stuff that needs my attention at work, which bodes well for continuing to do daily drawings.  On the flip side, I am very definitely coming down with a cold which is currently more an annoyance than a disease; fortunately my sinuses only tend to stuff up when my head is reclining backward, so sitting over a desk to draw shouldn’t be too impacted (I will do my best not to drip on the paper for the next few days).

The prompt for today was “Bait,” which pretty obviously puts me in mind of someone going fishing.  I was hoping that I might come up with something a little less obvious all things told, but my composition skills are limited, and the whole point is to do a bunch of practice at once, so I decided to stick with fishing.  Because I am pretty committed for the time being to continuing to do X-Men related drawings, I cast around for the silliest character I could think of and landed on Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man.  Madrox’s power revolves around being able to make fully autonomous duplicates of himself, so of course to have a little twist on the concept I decided to frame one Madrox dupe as the bait while the rest dangle him human chain-style.  It was fun to do a slightly more complex composition (I had to think about location and background), although the size of my media restricted the amount of detail I could afford each figure.  Fortunately, Madrox’s most distinct features are his t-shirt bearing his personal emblem and a ridiculous leather trench coat.




We’ll see if I do any more of these wide angle compositions going forward.  The 4″ x 6″ sketchbook is great and compact, but it doesn’t provide much space when there’s a lot going on.  Tomorrow’s drawing is much simpler with only one primary figure.  I like it pretty well, though I’ll discuss it more tomorrow after I’ve posted it to Twitter.

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