Inktober 2019 Day 19

Where yesterday’s drawing was relatively simple but had some complex thoughts behind it, today’s is very straightforward.  It took me less than an hour to put this one together, and it was fun playing around with the figure’s pose (I think it looks particularly good), but it was otherwise an unchallenging project.  It left me with an itch to do some extra drawing yesterday, which resulted in a couple of pencil portraits that I’ll throw in at the end of this post for fun even though they’re not technically Inktober related.

The prompt for today is “Sling” which is a word with a lot of different meanings, but the marathon-like pace of daily drawings has left me grasping mostly for the apparent connection.  The thief Remy LeBeau, code name Gambit, can charge inanimate objects with kinetic energy that makes them explode.  His weapon of choice is a deck of playing cards (because they’re cheap, disposable, and don’t appear to be weapons to anyone who isn’t familiar with Gambit’s powers).  The thing about Gambit though is that I’ve never strongly associated him with, y’know, gambling, at least not in connection with card games.  He takes lots of risks (world class thief, after all), but I don’t remember much about him sitting down in a tuxedo at a Poker or Blackjack table in a fancy casino.  Anyhow, here’s Gambit celebrating after winning a hand of Poker with a Dead Man’s Hand.  It’s not colored, but his tuxedo is pink.



And as bonus content, here are those portraits.  They’re of the characters Chuck and Angela from the comic series Die.



The proportions of the face are a little off for Angela, but I think Chuck looks like an excellent rascal (there’s a stronger term for what he is, but it’s not appropriate for children).

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