Inktober 2019 Roundup

I figured that it might be useful to archive a place with links to all of my posts from this year’s Inktober.  I think they’re all consistently tagged if anyone wanted to search for Inktober stuff, but it doesn’t hurt to have a stable list.


The first one where I really started to feel like I knew what I was doing is the Juggernaut Colossus from Day 7.  There’s a good string of work following that one, culminating with the dancing Pixie for Day 10 (that dress ended up looking really good, even if it did take me a couple hours to do all the inking).  The Logan picture was a throwaway joke about a really famous panel from an old Wolverine comic, but it delighted X-Twitter for an afternoon, so that’s a highlight.  Even though it didn’t get much attention online, I still really love what I did with the Gentle portrait.  Cipher also turned out better than I expected, even with the composition problems that I noticed after I’d gotten too far along in the process, and I’m really taken with the final run of drawings from Magik through Blindfold.  I know that folks like Egg (he’s a great character), but the picture feels like a step backwards compared to what immediately precedes it.


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