Reading Series

I realize that I’ve built up a pretty sizable collection of review posts, so I thought it might be in my best interests to create a static page where they can be reached.

My ongoing review of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman comic series:

Reading “Sleep of the Just”

Reading “Imperfect Hosts”

Reading “Dream a Little Dream of Me”

Reading “A Hope in Hell”

Reading “Passengers”

Reading “24 Hours”

Reading “Sound and Fury”

Reading “The Sound of Her Wings”

Reading “Tales in the Sand”

Reading “The Doll’s House”

Reading “Moving In”

Reading “Playing House”

Reading “Men of Good Fortune”

Reading “Collectors”

Reading “Into the Night”

Reading “Lost Hearts”

Reading “Calliope”

Reading “A Dream of a Thousand Cats”

Reading “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Reading “Facade”

Reading “Season of Mists: A Prologue”

Reading “Season of Mists: Chapter 1”

Reading “Season of Mists: Chapter 2”

Reading “Season of Mists: Chapter 3”

Reading “Season of Mists: Chapter 4”

Reading “Season of Mists: Chapter 5”

Reading “Season of Mists: Chapter 6”

Reading “Season of Mists: Epilogue”

Reading “Thermidor”

Reading “August”

Reading “Three Septembers and a January”

Reading “The Song of Orpheus”

Reading “Slaughter on Fifth Avenue”

Reading “Lullabies of Broadway”


My review of Richard Beck’s book, The Slavery of Death:

Part 1: “The Sting of Death is Sin”

Part 2: Ancestral Sin

Part 3: Christus Victor

Part 4: The Denial of Death

Part 5: The Principalities and Powers

Part 6: An Eccentric Identity

Part 7: The Sign of the Cross

Part 8: Timor Mortis

Part 9: Practicing Resurrection

Part 10: The Freedom of God


Here are all of my Chick tract reviews to date (this series is currently on hiatus):

Reading Dark Dungeons

Reading The Last Generation

Reading The Assignment

Reading The Bully

Reading Fairy Tales

Reading Bewitched

Reading The Contract

Reading Born Wild

Reading Fame

Reading The Choice

Reading Somebody Angry?

Reading Flight 144

Reading It’s Not Your Fault

Reading Mama’s Girls

Reading Boo!

Reading It’s The Law

Reading The Mad Machine

Reading Twin Towers

Reading Earthman

Reading Humbug!

Reading A Demon’s Nightmare

Reading Fat Cats


Also, for anyone who might be interested in my review of Chuck Austen’s story She Lies With Angels from Uncanny X-Men can find links to those posts below (seeing as they were kind of precursors to the current “Reading” series).

Why Did I Read She Lies with Angels Again? (Part 1)

Why Did I Read She Lies with Angels Again? (Part 2)

Why Did I Read She Lies with Angels Again? (Part 3)

Why Did I Read She Lies with Angels Again? (Part 4)

Why Did I Read She Lies with Angels Again? (Part 5)

Why Did I Read She Lies with Angels Again? (Part 6)

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